Daydreaming - Sally Nor (DK)

The visual artist, architect and designer is passionate about creating art and spatial experiences in the intersection between space, light, illustration and physical materials. Her piece Daydreaming will become part of the visual wonderland you can relish when visiting the festival.

Daydreaming consists of 26 floating and illustrative disks that reflect and filter the surrounding light, thereby creating poetic plays of light and color which constantly change expression. The illustrations on the discs are painted with watercolor and are inspired by processes and structures in nature and in the universe. Organic landscapes unfurl offering a myriad of associations, from the surface on moons and planets to internal processes on a cellular levela fascination with the interplay between the organic, changeable and complex in contrast to the simple and strict that always interconnect in Sally Nor's artworks.


Ethereal Realities - Matei Petrescu and Maria Meiga (RO/ES)

Ethereal Realities will occupy the space at Kildevæld, transforming it into a living canvas, where the organic and the abstract merge. Projections through video mapping techniques will transport us through dreamlike worlds that interlace and evolve with each other. A visual installation, where enigmatic forms and organic textures are woven together to create a parallel ambiance that emerges from different corners of the building.

Matei Petrescu, or PM, is a multidisciplinary artist, shifting from abstract painting towards video mapping, live visuals, stage design, or full-room installation works as part of his artistic practice.

Illustrator and graphic artist Emedemeiga works with different craft and printing techniques, playing with patterns of organic life forms to create worlds full of symbolism.


Poem Lady - Daiva Friedmann (CA)

Have you ever wondered, what kind of poem you deserve? Now is the chance to figure it out. You pick a subject, get a poem and pay what you want. You will find the Poem Lady sitting under a tree at Festival of Endless Gratitude 2023, if you search for her.

Daiva Friedmann, the self-appointed Poem Lady of Copenhagen, takes her title very seriously. Hailing from a small Canadian town no one has ever heard of, her lifelong romance with words grew from a bedroom habit into a street-side poetry project when she moved to Denmark in 2021.

From markets to park paths, music festivals and fashion events, she sits behind a typewriter creating custom poems for the curious and poetically inclined. The Poem Lady listens to stories, experiences, and inspirations and wraps them into poems. Deeply meaningful, sarcastic, romantic, beautiful, or dire, it’s about writing words that reflect each individual person.